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  1. Even if this is your back yard;
    you still deserve legal representation.

  2. Criminal Defense

    Your future is at stake; you deserve a knowledgeable and skilled advocate to protect your rights.

  3. Estate Planning

    Planning for the future? You deserve legal assistance with a will, medical directives, guardianship, power of attorney and long term planning.

  4. Divorce

    When it is time for a life change; you deserve a caring advocate that understands how difficult it can be.

  5. Small Business

    Starting or runnning a small business? You deserve legal assistance as much as the big companies that can afford in house counsel.
  6. Court

    Have a case going to court? Don't go it alone,
    you deserve legal counsel to help navigate the complex legal system.

At Runyan Legal Services, LLC. the clients come first. If you don't find the answer to your question in the FAQs, please call 720-675-7094.

Can Runyan Legal Services help me with my divorce and estate planning needs? What are the areas of law that RLS can help me with?

Runyan Legal Services, LLC is an innovative law firm serving rural Colorado including Park, Jefferson, Douglas, Clear Creek and Gilpin Counties from our office in Pine, Colorado. Runyan Legal Services, LLC represents clients in family law, criminal and DUI, trust and estate, business planning and transactions, civil litigation, firearms and second amendment law with the belief that clients come first. For a consultation call 720-675-7094 or email us.

Do you offer discount rates or alternate payment plans?

Yes! Today the average person can hardly afford legal help, and this is even more difficult for those in rural areas, as the American Bar Association recognizes.   Runyan Legal Services, LLC was founded by Lee Runyan with the goal of providing affordable legal services to his neighbors in rural Colorado. For many clients on fixed incomes we offer up to 50% off all fees. For low income clients, on a case by case basis, we offer lower rates and payment plans.

Can you help me even if I want to be pro se?

Possibly, in Colorado attorneys are allowed to provide "unbundled" services. This can include assisting a client in the drafting of pleadings for court or appearing only for a hearing. Whether or not this is an option is case specific. Contact us at 720-675-7094 to discuss your case.

How large is your firm?

RLS has one attorney, Lee Runyan. We utilize the services of contract paralegals and law student interns, when possible, to keep costs low. Additionally, we have arraignments with one or more licensed Colorado attorneys to step in should Lee become incapacitated or otherwise unable to fulfill his obligations. (refer to your client intake and engagement letter for details)

What do you do to minimize costs?

We have one small office located outside of the Denver metro area, which helps to keep rental costs low. As mentioned above, when possible we use paralegals and interns that cost less per hour than Lee. We leverage technology to better serve our clients, such as our online client portal. And we avoid the expenses of a costly big boutique firm such as: a receptionist, a big office with expensive furniture or a professionally designed website.

On the "How RLS is Different" page you have a no-cost 5-10 minute phone call with clients, why not just a weekly email?

The phone call policy is to facilitate personal attorney-client communication. We feel that email is generally impersonal and more can be said in a 5-minute phone call than a 5-minute email. An exception to this policy will be made for clients with a disability that requires written communication.