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  1. Even if this is your back yard;
    you still deserve legal representation.

  2. Criminal Defense

    Your future is at stake; you deserve a knowledgeable and skilled advocate to protect your rights.

  3. Estate Planning

    Planning for the future? You deserve legal assistance with a will, medical directives, guardianship, power of attorney and long term planning.

  4. Divorce

    When it is time for a life change; you deserve a caring advocate that understands how difficult it can be.

  5. Small Business

    Starting or runnning a small business? You deserve legal assistance as much as the big companies that can afford in house counsel.
  6. Court

    Have a case going to court? Don't go it alone,
    you deserve legal counsel to help navigate the complex legal system.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is where two or more people, with an issue they cannot work out between themselves, arrange a meeting with another person who assists the parties to come to a mutually satisfactory solution.

Why Mediate?

Mediation is often court ordered, however many situations can benefit from mediation including, domestic (not just divorce!), employment (employer/employee or employee/employee), neighborhood and neighbors, schools (inter-faculty, inter-student, student-faculty), civil, criminal (restorative justice), and much more. Benefits of mediation include:

Why choose Runyan Legal Services, LLC for mediation?

Our Mediator, Jennifer Runyan practices collaborative, interest-based mediation. The parties get a chance to share their issues and what has brought them to mediation. Then, following their interests, the parties will problem solve and explore solutions that are mutually satisfactory. All mediations are completely confidential and you can leave mediation with an agreement that works for you.