October 20, 2018 10am - 4pm RLS Wills Fair - Wills as low as $125 and same day.

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  1. Even if this is your back yard;
    you still deserve legal representation.

  2. Criminal Defense

    Your future is at stake; you deserve a knowledgeable and skilled advocate to protect your rights.

  3. Estate Planning

    Planning for the future? You deserve legal assistance with a will, medical directives, guardianship, power of attorney and long term planning.

  4. Divorce

    When it is time for a life change; you deserve a caring advocate that understands how difficult it can be.

  5. Small Business

    Starting or runnning a small business? You deserve legal assistance as much as the big companies that can afford in house counsel.
  6. Court

    Have a case going to court? Don't go it alone,
    you deserve legal counsel to help navigate the complex legal system.

Runyan Legal Services, LLC. provides services to a variety of clients including:

General Legal and Small Business Law

We are a mountain firm and so we deal with a wide variety of general legal issues for individuals as well as small businesses. From neighbors and property issues to a variety of small business needs, Runyan Legal Services, LLC. can help you explore your legal options and address legal obligations.

Family Law

Any family law situation can be difficult and emotional. At Runyan Legal Services, we have experience with many kinds of family law issues and can help you navigate your options with compassion and understanding.

Wills and Estates

No one likes to think about their own death, however it is also true that having a will can make dealing with a death just a little easier. We have worked hard to provide reasonably priced options so that no one has to live without a will. Our Wills Fairs enable someone with a relatively small estate to come in and in about an hour, have a will that has been completely executed.


If you ever find yourself needing representation for a criminal matter, call right away! Your rights need to be protected and preserved from the very beginning of any criminal situation. We will handle your case with care and discretion.