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No one wants to think about dying, but if you pass away without a will (dying intestate) a Judge and the Colorado Legislature decide:

Come to the RLS Wills Fair

October 20, 2018

At our office: 13700 US-285, Pine, CO 80470
10am to 4pm - NO Appointment Necessary

Single persons as low as $125
Married couples as low as $175

Same day service, after our trained staff and attorney put your wishes into your will,
we will have the witnesses and notary on site to complete the job at no additional cost.

Reasons why people should get a will from an attorney:

1. Attorneys make sure you get a will that matches your needs.
2. An attorney will ensure you get a will that is legally enforceable.

Reasons why people don't make a will or don't involve an attorney:

1. Thinking about their own death or that of their partner is too difficult.
2. It is too long and complicated.
3. It is too expensive.

Reasons to come to a Runyan Legal Services Wills Fair:

1. Making a plan for the future creates peace of mind.
2. In most cases you walk out with a will the same day.
3. Participating in a wills fair reduces the expenses involved in getting a will.
4. If you have minor children it is important to designate a preferred guardian, otherwise the court will just choose.

Who can benefit from attending a Wills Fair?

People who have less than one million dollars in assets.
People who have relatively simple estates.
People who want the peace of mind that planning brings.
People who want to designate a preferred guardian for their minor children.

What should you bring when you come?

  • ID for everyone getting a will. If you and your spouse are both getting a will you both need ID.
  • Full names, addresses and birthdays of all children and/or beneficiaries.
  • A first beneficiary (or set of beneficiaries), a second/alternate beneficiary (or set of beneficiaries), a "last resort" beneficiary (or set of beneficiaries).
  • Two choices of people to serve as personal representatives, a first choice and an alternate and the full names and addresses of your choices.
  • A general list of what assets comprise your estate and a list of any special bequeaths.