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  1. Even if this is your back yard;
    you still deserve legal representation.

  2. Criminal Defense

    Your future is at stake; you deserve a knowledgeable and skilled advocate to protect your rights.

  3. Estate Planning

    Planning for the future? You deserve legal assistance with a will, medical directives, guardianship, power of attorney and long term planning.

  4. Divorce

    When it is time for a life change; you deserve a caring advocate that understands how difficult it can be.

  5. Small Business

    Starting or runnning a small business? You deserve legal assistance as much as the big companies that can afford in house counsel.
  6. Court

    Have a case going to court? Don't go it alone,
    you deserve legal counsel to help navigate the complex legal system.

How is Runyan Legal Services, LLC. different?

We focus on rural clients in Park and Jefferson Counties. Part of that focus is to provide excellent communication with our clients.

Weekly No Charge Communication

Every lawfirm will exclaim their commitment to provide top quality affordable legal services. At Runyan Legal Services, LLC. we are committed to providing top quality affordable legal services. However, we believe that communication with the client is key to acheiving that goal.

As Lee Runyan explains from his own experience:

Before becoming an attorney, I needed the services of attorneys here Colorado and in California, in a high conflict complicated multi-jurisdiction divorce and extended custody battle. Unfortunately, attorneys are expensive and working with them was at times frustrating. I found it most frustrating when my attorney would go for weeks or even months without responding to emails or returning phone calls. And to add insult to injury when I finall did get a 5 to 10 minute phone call or an email reply would cost me $50 to $200 dollars. The cost combined with the delays in responding made a highly emotional situation that much worse. When I finished lawschool I vowed to never make my clients share my negative experience.
Because, Runyan Legal Services, LLC. is fully committed to avoid duplicating Lee’s experience for our clients, we have implemented a policy that once a week clients may speak with Lee on the phone for 5-10 minutes about their case at no cost. This benefit is available to clients with an active case, that do not have excessive past due retainer or fees. (For current clients please refer to your client intake and engagement letter for times.)

Alternative payment plans

At RLS Runyan Legal Services, LLC. we understand how expensive legal help can be. When necessary, we customize the fee schedule and payment plan to the circumstances of the client. On a case by case basis we offer discount rates for fixed income, and low income clients.