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Privacy Policy

Runyan Legal Services, LLC. collects certain information about visitors to this website.

We collect information from the user, server logs, online analytics services and through cookies. The information collected is used to provide services related to our legal business endevors. Information provided directly from the user and through server logs is kept private, not shared with other parties. Information collected by analytic services and cookies will be shared with an analytic service provider. As stated herein, appart from the analytices services we do not share the data collected on this website.

Contact information: When you fill out a "contact" form on this website, the personal information provided (i.e. name, email address, phone number and details) is used soley to facilitate a potential attorney-client relationship.

Client Portal: RLS clients are provided access to an online portal. The information exchanged, collected, or communicated on the portal is covered by attorney-client privilege, work product and client confidentiality.

Web server logs: The web server collects browsing information about all visitors to the website, this information may be used by us to track and evaluate the traffic on the website, improve the user experience, fix bugs and other business related purposes without sharing the information with third parties.

Cookies: The analytics services we use, may employ cookies to perform the analytics. You can choose to disable the use of cookies in your browser to prevent/deter such third party analytic services.

Agreement and consent: By visiting this website you agree to the polices and disclaimers herein. Furthermore, you consent to the data collection described in this privacy policy. You also understand that this privacy policy is subject to change without notice.

If you have any additional concerns or questions about the privacy policy or disclaimers on this website, call us at 720-675-7094.