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    you still deserve legal representation.

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    Your future is at stake; you deserve a knowledgeable and skilled advocate to protect your rights.

  3. Estate Planning

    Planning for the future? You deserve legal assistance with a will, medical directives, guardianship, power of attorney and long term planning.

  4. Divorce

    When it is time for a life change; you deserve a caring advocate that understands how difficult it can be.

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    Starting or runnning a small business? You deserve legal assistance as much as the big companies that can afford in house counsel.
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    Have a case going to court? Don't go it alone,
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C. Lee Runyan

Lee Runyan

Lee Runyan an accomplished software engineer, always wanted to make a difference, to help people. Writing computer games, social websites and software for test equipment was not really accomplishing his goal of making the world a better place. So after years of working at his chosen profession, trapped in a cubical, staring at computer monitors all day, with hardly any human interaction, he packed it in and went to lawschool.

Prior to lawschool, Lee had personally experienced the frustrating and difficult process that accompanies almost any encounter with the legal system. As an attorney, Lee hopes to help his clients have a smoother less expensive and less frustrating experience with the legal system.

While in lawschool Lee interned for Dave Kopel at the Independence Institute where he helped research papers such as The Posse Comitatus and the Office of Sheriff: Armed Citizens Summoned to the Aid of Law Enforcement, J.Crim. L. & Criminology Vol. 104 No. 4; and worked on the Colorado Outfitters Association, et al. v. John Hickenlooper, Governor of Colorado.

In his last year in lawschool Lee was a student attorney in the Sturm College of Law Criminal Defense Clinic where he represented disadvantaged clients in misdemeanor cases. Lee then interned at the Park County Fairplay District Attorneys office where he saw how the the other sides works.

After passing the bar exam, with law degree and attorney id card in hand, Lee founded Runyan Legal Services, LLC.

Jennifer Runyan

Lee Runyan

Ever since she was very young, Jennifer Runyan has excelled in facilitating communication and the resolution of problems. Her eclectic background and experience reflect that core desire. In every area of her life Jennifer has taken up the role of informal mediator and communicator. Most recently she has added formal mediation to her repertoire.

Jennifer Runyan practices collaborative mediation, empowering the mediation participants to find the best solution for themselves. She believes that since the individuals coming to mediation know their problems, situations and issues best, they will be able to come up with the best and most effective resolution that will be mutually acceptable. While not all mediations will result in a joint solution (Memorandum of Understanding — MOU), a collaborative approach offers the parties their best chance of getting there, saving themselves the time, money and emotional strain of continued conflict.

Jennifer began her role at Runyan Legal Services as a Paralegal and continues in that role in addition to that of mediator.